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The Kingston Canine Center has been a long time dream for both of us. Bill grew up with a couple of dogs and looked to his parents and friends for ways to teach his dogs and have them really understand what he wanted them to do without punishment and pain.

I grew up with an old tom cat who only wanted in the house in the winter when the frost on his face needed to be melted. He would also come in to get his minor cat fight wounds fixed up.

During our years together the thought of training dogs was always there. Life made us have jobs, raise kids and begin with our first together dog. He was a mutt but I swear he knew what we were saying. One never seemed enough and Beau got a playmate. These two were obedient and were trained using our own methods. They loved life and respected us until their last days. Somehow in their death, they showed Bill and I how great our lives had been with two dogs that were willing to please us.

During those years we attended many conferences on dogs, their behavior and why they do the things they do. I asked all the odd ball questions to show people, groomers and as many dog trainings as I could find. We researched many books and got in touch with well known dog trainers. I took a few classes and found out first hand how to run a class and keep the interest up.

We started into St. John’s Ambulance Therapy Dog Division. Through our hard work and volunteer hours we were asked to become Chief Evaluators for the Therapy Division. Under the wing of the Superintendent for Ontario we learned a lot more about dogs in small settings and what can happen if no one is paying attention.

We joined a kennel club and started to turn around their training program with a new plan for training. It was very popular and they were beginning to make more money. I trained with them for a while while Bill was asked to oversee the obedience trials for 3 days in a park setting. We both left feeling good about what we had done, but it wasn’t fulfilling.

We now live the pack mentality every day with our dogs. We opened our Center in 2002 and we can only hope that the methods we use are keeping more dogs with their owners instead of being given away because the people have not learned to communicate what they want with their dogs.

As with everything in life, things change and we are always searching for more ways to help the dog and owner stay together and enjoy a very happy life with each other.

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